Relationships require lots of attention and maintenance to ensure smooth-running. It’s difficult enough to pull that off when the couple are fortunate enough to see one another on a weekly basis. But what about when you’re trying to keep the love alive in a long distance relationship. All the little things that help keep romance alive may seem nearly impossible to achieve. That’s when you turn to gifts: mementos of your love; physical reminder that out there is someone who cares for you deeply and misses you just as much as you do them. Here are a few ideas for unique and thoughtful gifts that will help to bridge the distance.

Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Long Distance Relationship

Men are always hard to buy for when it comes to giving them a romantic gift. Most of them won’t want to flaunt little hearts dangling off their keychain or to keep a teddy bear in plain view on their bed, so what are some gift ideas for him that he will genuinely be happy to receive?

Here are some ideas long distance relationship:

  • Masculine jewelry that reminds him of your love is a fantastic way to go, provided he enjoys and wears jewelry already. Don’t think that just because it’s from you he will suddenly love wearing a necklace or ring when he always hated it before. Really, any piece of jewelry will remind him of you, but there are some that are more romantically inclined. Pictures on Gold sells an ID tag necklace that is engraved with your very own kiss-print and personal message, while an engraved pocket watch is a more classic route to ensure your sweetheart has your loving words with him always.
  • No matter where your man resides, it’s pretty much guaranteed he’ll be wearing some article of clothing. Men always appreciate and will wear a gift of clothing, especially if it comes from you. One great idea is to get him a shirt with the print from a favorite movie you two watched together. will even let you completely customize a top with an image, picture or message you uploaded.
  • Food! Honestly, men always have and always will love food. There are countless places that will mail care packages full of goodies, cakes, brownies or whatever else you don’t have time to bake yourself. Or, if you’re a homemaker at heart, bake him something of yours he always deemed his favorite. Another creative idea is to have a pizzeria from his city deliver him a pizza straight from you. Whatever form the food is in, he’ll appreciate the gift and fully enjoy it while thinking of you.

Gift Ideas for the Woman in Your Long Distance Relationship

When it comes to gifts for that special lady in your life, you can do no wrong with something that oozes romance. Usually, the more heartfelt the better though. Yes, the typical flowers and chocolates are nice, but when you make it personal – something that portrays your feelings for her – she’ll love it even more.

Here are some ideas for long distance relationship 

  • Flowers that last are a much better option than a cut bouquet. Whether it’s an orchid or a bonsai tree, even a pot of tulips, a potted plant will symbolize that your love for her will never die. If you want to go the extra sweet route you can send an Amazing Message Plant which will sprout and reveal your own message on the seed pod. Or take a more unique and romantic route and get her a real rose that will never die. Romance Her offers roses encased in gold, silver or a clear acrylic glaze with gold trim.
  • Women love to have a special trinket they can wear to have a continual reminder of how much you care for her, even if from a distance. Pearls are great, but if you really want to grab her heart, make it something that declares your feelings. Lockets with your photo and an inscription are a wonderful idea, as is a “key to my heart,” “soul mates,” or “forever” pendant. Be careful giving rings, however as they symbolize a commitment you had better be prepared to follow through on!

Bonus !

  • Stuffed animals are a super sweet gift for her as she will love cuddling up to it when she can’t have you! I would recommend getting one that’s big, smushy, and relates to her nickname for you. For example, a bunny if you are her “hunny bunny,” and a teddy bear if you are her “pookie bear.”

Gift Ideas for Couples in a Long Distance Relationship

There are a multitude of awesome gifts for him and her that will bridge the distance until you’re together again. It adds a layer of extra sweetness knowing that you each have part of a whole.

  • Silicone bracelets from that say “Love Knows No Distance”
  • Puzzle piece charms that fit neatly together, often with a meaningful and sweet message inscribed. One charm for him, the other for her: a continual reminder that out there is someone who completes you.
  • BoldLoft offers shirts, mugs and pillowcases for couples. These products come with pictures on each piece that, when placed next to one another, paint an image of love. There are some very cute products full of stick figures and hearts. But they also have a more sophisticated line called Love Element. My personal favorite from this line is this pillowcase set.

Gift Ideas for That Special Someone in Your Long Distance Relationship

When it comes to a unique and amazing gift idea that will work for either him or her. There are more options out there than you may think.

  • A picture collage filled with photos of you together or places that you have built memories at is sure to put a smile on their face and warm their heart.
  • Love letters or poems. Especially when written by you personally do a remarkably adept job at feeling closer while you’re apart. takes this idea to a modern level by letting you create fonts in your own handwriting.
  • Sending that special someone an item that has been spritzed with your cologne/perfume. Scent has the ability to take you back in time and remember breathing it in while holding one another close.