Best Tips to Keep Your iPhone from Running Out of Battery

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There is nothing more frustrating than having your iPhone die in the middle of the day, without the opportunity to recharge it fast enough. There are several features of your phone that might be running the battery down, and becoming aware of these features will allow you to avoid a situation where you are left stranded because your phone died.


If you want to preserve the life of your phone battery, then consider these things:

  1. Apps Running in the Background: Even if you aren’t actively using an app, it might be running in the background. The iPhone allows the feature of using multiple apps at the same time, but if you are using multiple apps then it will quickly kill your battery.
  2. Too Many Apps Installed: If you are running out of battery and you don’t use a lot of apps simultaneously through multi-tasking, then it is possible that you have too many apps installed on your phone. Try uninstalling some of the apps that you don’t use.
  3. Downloads are Set to Automatic: Some apps can be set to have automatic downloads, which means that the downloads will start whenever a new update is available. Instead of allowing automatic downloads, choose the manual option so that you can download new content when you have a charger nearby.
  4. Email is Constantly Refreshing: If your email is constantly looking for new messages from the mailbox server, then it will run down your phone battery. You can adjust your email settings to only fetch new emails manually, which will stop the constant pinging throughout the day.
  5. Location Services: Many applications use locations services, which causes the phone to constantly ping in order to share details about your location. Go into your phone settings and turn off location services to preserve your battery.
  6. Parallax is On: Parallax is a feature that makes it appear like the applications are floating. It might look nice to use this feature, but it is completely unnecessary. If you want to preserve the life of your battery, then you should turn off Parallax.
  7. Screen Brightness: When the screen is bright, it uses battery faster. So, turn down the brightness of your screen a little bit if you want to preserve the life of your battery. Also, make sure that your screen brightness is not set to auto-adjust, because it will automatically brighten again depending on the light in the room.
  8. Bluetooth is Always On: Many times, Bluetooth isn’t necessary throughout the day, and leaving the Bluetooth feature on means that you are using battery in an unnecessary way. Turn off the Bluetooth if it isn’t in use.

One of the best tips that you can use to keep your iPhone from running out of battery is to use airplane mode when you don’t need to send or receive calls or texts. When your phone is connecting with the cellular network, it uses the battery faster. Turning on airplane mode can help you preserve the life of your battery until you make it back to a phone charger.

Following these tips will help you to preserve the life of your phone batter, so that you don’t find yourself in a situation with a dead phone when you need to use it. You will see that taking a few proactive steps can help to extend the life of your phone battery.