Life balance is essential to being happy and healthy. If your life is out of balance with too much work, not enough play, and no time to do the things you want to do, focus on these 3 skills to help bring you life balance:

  1. Positive Thinking
  2. Your Strengths
  3. Self Awareness

life balance

Positive Thinking

In working towards a greater life balance, the place to start is with your mind. If you use only one skill throughout your entire life each day, make it this one. Focus on positive thinking. Positive thinking, along with the optimism and hope that accompany it, is good for your health, happiness, and future. Researchers find that positive thinkers are happier and healthier than those who dwell on negative thinking. Studies have also shown that Positive thinkers live longer.

Positive Attitude and the Secret

A positive attitude is at the core of the Law of Attraction, the theme of [amazon_textlink asin=’1582701709′ text=’The Secret’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’quotespaper-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’24803208-0151-11e8-a1b3-afe32a770c79′] (a widely publicized book). Being positive and optimistic attracts events and circumstances that are also positive.

Opportunities and Personal Growth

The cardinal rule in positive thinking is to look for and focus on the positive aspects of every situation. Personal reflection may confirm the presence of something positive in life experiences that seemed negative at one time.

For example, losing a job can be frightening due to the loss of income, the dent to your ego, and the time and effort needed to find and learn a new job. After the initial shock, focusing on opportunities may suggest this is the chance to start your own business, meet new people, or find stimulating and energizing work that you love to do-Work that speaks to your gifts and strengths.

Positive thinking is not being a blind optimistic. Positive thinkers don’t “bury their heads in the sand” pretending everything is rosy. Positive thinkers acknowledge negative situations, but choose to focus on the positive aspects that help a person deal constructively with the situation at hand.

Positive Attitude Questions

After acknowledging the negatives of a situation and getting in touch with your feelings about it, ask yourself these questions: What possible opportunities does this situation present? What result do I want?

Signature Strengths

Life is more satisfying when you’re at your best. You’re at your best when you utilize your core strengths, those special skills, and abilities that make you unique. One of my favorite books, [amazon_textlink asin=’0743222989′ text=’Authentic Happines’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’quotespaper-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f0625ee7-0150-11e8-9622-f5b041420ba0′]s, by author Martin Seligman, Ph.D., terms these abilities signature strengths and provides an easy and free resource to help you identify your core strengths.

When you use your strengths in your daily tasks, you’re happier, more creative, and more productive. With a bit of creativity, you can find ways to introduce your strengths into nearly any task that you do. This self awareness will make these tasks more pleasant, and you’ll feel like you have more control over your life.

If you’ve had the experience of being deeply involved in some activity, so caught up in it that hours slipped by unnoticed, you were probably using one or more of your signature strengths.

Begin Life Balance with these Two Skills

When you utilize the skills of positive thinking, using your strengths, and self-awareness, you’ll find that your life becomes more balanced.