We form and reform several relationships throughout our lives and this continuous formation and reformation teach us that anyone may come and go at any instant.  In spite of these hundreds of relationships, there is a relationship that always stays permanent throughout our lives – the relationship with one’s self i.e. self-love.

For an overall well being it’s necessary to maintain a healthy sense of self-love because if one’s inner self is ached by emotional dis rest, guilt and anxiety, one’s external self are affected as well. In order to stay strong under all circumstances, one must have the guts to love, accept and understand one’s self.

Positive affirmations are a strong way of emancipating one’s self and at several instances of our lives, they can be energizing, life-saving and inspiring. In order to increase one’s self-love, it’s important to affirm the truth that you are an admirable piece of divine love. Hence, when it comes to taking good care of one’s mind, body and soul, affirmations work like a miracle.

Repeating self-love affirmations every day makes you love yourself more. The more you love yourself the easier it is for you to face the truth about your actions and tolerate the discomfort of self-examination. Saying affirmations aloud rewires your brain and it’s able to generate positive thoughts more easily. Here are thirty-eight self-love affirmations that’ll help you strengthen your self-love.

1. It’s better to be alone sometimes.

2. I’ve got the power to change my world and make it better.

3. I’m the most faithful person in my life.

4. My life is filled with love and happiness.

5. I love the man/woman I am.

6. I grow and learn each and every moment.

7. Love is my birthright and I’m the manifestation of this love.

8. I’m faultless.

9. I’ve got the will to fight.

10. I’ve got the power to control my destiny.

11. My spirit guides me in making the best decisions.

12. I’m unstoppable.

13. My body is healthy and strong.

14. My mind is peaceful and brilliant.

15. My soul is pure and tranquil.

16. I’ve got everything I need to myself.

17. I don’t apologize for being myself.

18. I spread peace, love, and happiness.

19. I’m a cherished and admirable work of art.

20. I’m ready to accept others only if they accept me the way I am.

21. I’ve got the right to make my own choices and decisions.

22. I’m a beautiful diamond waiting to shine.

23. My body is filled with inner harmony, confidence, and self-confidence.

24. The whole universe is there to support my efforts.

25. I’ve got an acknowledgeable self-worth.

26. I like living in the present and this attitude of mine lets me enjoy my life to the fullest.

27. I’ve got a mind full of gratitude for my wonderful life.

28. I’ve got the solution to all the problems that I face.

29. I freely accept compliments and I like complementing others too.

30. I’ve got a healthy and positive mind which is filled with love and prosperity.

31. My joyful and energetic body makes me unstoppable.

32. My body is my best friend.

33. The path chosen by me is the best one.

34. I learn from my mistakes.

35. I’ve got a wonderful future.

36. I always listen to my inner voice.

37. I’m balanced and fierce

38. My opinion matters the most.

Note down these affirmations and repeat them whenever you get the chance. These affirmations will let you train your subconscious mind to tune into the beautiful truth of self-love.