Dating RelationshipsIn any intimate relationship, sexual activity will have a great effect on the interactions of the people involved.Such activity cam open up the door to finding true love. It can lead to a deep level of understanding and support, perhaps not achievable through other means. In addition to enhanced communication and insight regarding one’s partner, sex also has the benefit of being a fun and healthful activity for couples to enjoy together.

Although sex has many virtues, it can still be an intimidating pastime for lovers. This is largely due to a difference in sexual need with regard to gender. It will vary, but often times what a man desires may conflict with what a woman desires. This disparity must be managed in order for a sexual relationship to be happy and healthy.

For the man in a relationship, the use of sexual massage can be a great tool for enhancing the woman’s enjoyment of sexual activity. Skills in this area will help to build intimacy, strengthen the relationship and ensure satisfaction for the woman.

Creating an Environment for Sexual Massage

The utmost issue in the mind of the man when preparing to massage his partner will be the feeling of relaxation. Almost everything in a room will contribute to the tranquility of the environment, leading to enhanced pleasure. There are a variety of tools a man can use to create the ambiance perfect for female sexual pleasure:

  • Lighting should be soft, which relaxes the eyes and can be achieved through the use of dimmers and candles.
  • There should be a soft and comfortable place for the woman to lie down. Placing pillows behind her head and body will contribute to her enjoyment of the environment.
  • If music is befitting, try pieces that are ambient in nature. A man does not want his woman to be distracted from her relaxation and pleasure.

The atmosphere created will place the woman into a relaxed mindset. This will enable her to enjoy the massage even more as she will be more available for pleasure. Although environment does not relate directly to a man’s sexual skill, it will help to pleasure the woman in a different way.

Soft and Slow Touch as Sexual Skill

A woman cannot be rushed into sexual activity. To do so risks a lower level of pleasure for her. Instead, the man must build the pleasure for the woman, allowing her to begin from a relaxed mindset and move toward a faster heartbeat and heightened senses.This approach is reflective of a higher level of sexual skill and should be used as often as possible.

  • Gentle touch is less obvious sexual areas will build anticipation for further touch. Appropriate areas to touch slowly and gently could be the nape of the neck, the calves, hands, ears and stomach.
  • While the use of kissing and more is beneficial further on into a sexual massage, the hands should be used to begin.
  • After ten to fifteen minutes of touch, the man can move to more sensitive areas of the woman. By this point, anticipation will have built and the woman will be far more receptive to pleasuring touch.

With soft and slow touch in a sexual massage, the man can guarantee that the woman will be ready for further action, should that be desired.

Sexual Massage and Intimacy

When performing a sexual massage on his lover, the man should be focusing on the experience for her, rather than attempting to gain a result such as an orgasm. It can be a pleasurable experience for the man, just as it can for the woman. Despite this, a man can enhance the massage for the woman by touching and kissing sensual areas.

Engaging in more stimulating massage should be approached in the same way as the massage up to that point. Slow and gentle touch before anything more will build anticipation and pleasure for the woman. Questions should be asked to see what is preferred and the man should always remember that it is the process of the massage that should be the focus.

Improved Intimacy After Sexual Activity

The act of sexual massage is a wonderful opportunity for a couple to forge a deep loving bond. Although it can lead to more sexual play, that is not the intent of the activity. Instead, a man and woman can enjoy the air of enhanced intimacy after the massage. Cuddling and communication will be more pleasurable for both parties at this time.

Through the entire act of sexual massage, both the man and the woman should focus on the moment, enjoying each and every one for what it is. The woman will experience greater pleasure and feel more in tune with their lover. The man will feel more confident in his sexual skill and will likely find himself more in love.