When your girl receives bad news, you, of course, rush to her side. However, there are other instances where you need to be there for her too, because this is a sign of many signs of true love. Bear these things in mind so you will be rewarded an even bigger piece of your woman’s heart and improve your relationship.

Signs of True Love: Supporting her when she receives a promotion

She’s excited about receiving a promotion but she could also be anxious that increased responsibility will destroy her work-life balance. A good move would be to arrange a celebratory dinner to show how proud you are and let her know that you are capable of keeping your relationship steady.

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Signs of True Love: Supporting her when she sas a fight with Her Friend

Men usually prefer to lie low and presuppose that she’ll fix things on her own. But remember, she has just lost one of her main sounding boards, so even though the conflict seems trivial, you need to listen to her side. Here’s important advice: you shouldn’t just clout on her friend to make her feel better either. When she and her friend makes up, she’ll find it difficult to forget the things you said.

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Signs of True Love: She’s Meeting Your Close Friends

Introducing your woman to your close friends is a big step for both of you. Make her feel comfortable by filling her in. Tell her your friends’ names, relationship connections, and topics that she should not talk about. If she’s meeting a number of them, start by making her familiar with one or two people you think she’ll click with. As soon as she’s involved in a conversation, gently squeeze her on the waist or shoulders. The occasion could be a very big pressure for her. Such gesture will assure her that you’re in this together. This will further help improve your relationship.

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Signs of True Love: Chilling her up when her best friend gets engaged

When a close friend is getting married, your girl will start assessing her own life. It doesn’t necessarily mean she also needs a ring. Instead, she’s probably worried about losing quality time with her friend once she’s settled. One way to improve your relationship in this kind of situation is by cheering her up. Ask questions about her favorite memories with her pal. This will help her realize that the two of them are close for a reason and the approaching nuptial isn’t the end of the world…or their friendship.