As many people know, the matter of long distance relationships is a tricky one. The issue is that it denies both men and women a primary need in relationships. For men, a primary need in relationships is physical contact, which obviously cannot happen over long distances. For women, a primary need in relationships is companionship, which is typically most strongly felt in person.

These are two very big obstacles to making a relationship work over distances. The fact is, however, that they can be dealt with. All it takes is hard work, and commitment from and communication between both parties.

Here are some tips and tricks to making long distance relationships easier:

Tips for Women to Manage Long Distance Relationships

Send pictures: Take the time to have pictures taken of you showing all the different sides he loves most about you. Your fun side, your goofy side, your flirty side, and so on. Take a few shots of each and send them to him. Be sure to continue updating the photos, too. This will help him feel closer to you.

Use Skype so he can see you: Men are visual creatures. Pictures are great for carrying something of you with him, but seeing you and hearing you at the same time are excellent for helping him to feel closer to you.

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Make an effort to travel to him regularly: Once a relationship begins in person, it cannot sustain itself without the two people in it seeing each other again. So, they should make it a priority to travel to see each other on a regular basis. It’s important in this area for each party to travel to the other, rather than one always doing the traveling.

Build anticipation: When you know you’re going to see him, take the last few days before your trip to start building up the anticipation. Don’t start any sooner, because any longer than a few days may start to aggravate your partner, but do take those few days to tell him what you two will do together, how much you’re looking forward to seeing him again, how you’ll greet him, and so on.

How Men Can Make Long Distance Relationships

Maintain consistent communication:

Women like to know that they can count on something they enjoy, that they can depend on their partner. When partners are long distance, it is vital that they commit to being there for each other on a regular basis. Some suggestions are to talk at the same time each evening, let her know when you won’t be able to be there, don’t cut your time short, and talk using a variety of methods. Most of all, concentrate on being dependable. This is key to women whether the relationship is long distance or not.

Send her snail mail:

When a couple lives together in the same home or the same city, they are able to spend time with one another. Obviously couples are not always talking. There are innumerable times when a couple simply enjoys each other’s company. The important thing is that they are spending that time together. When a couple is long distance, they aren’t able to do that. A great way to remedy this issue is to spend time on your lady – send her a letter, a package, a card. Sending her something like this with invariably make her feel cared for.

Be willing to bend your schedule:

There are days in every person’s life where he becomes overwhelmed and needs a sounding board. In person, couples are able to go for a walk, sit at a table, or do whatever feels right for them as they discuss their days and feel the comfort of knowing their partner cares. This can also be done over long distances, just in different ways. One way is to make sure that you are available to your lady when she calls. If you know that you won’t be able to answer her call, let her know. Also be sure to let her know when you will become available again. Remember, not everything happens on a set schedule. Sometimes she will need to be comforted at odd times, so do your best to be there for her when she tries to lean on you.

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Always surprise the woman in your long distance relationships:

In person, couples are able to do sweet little things for their partners. They can show up with flowers, leave an unexpected note somewhere, cook a special dinner, and so on. Surprises can also be performed from great distances away. A man can enlist his lady’s friends to leave a note from him on her pillow. Websites such as can have beautiful bouquets delivered to her desk at work. Such unexpected sweet gestures can do wonders for making the distance between partners seem smaller, and help couples feel more emotionally bonded.

Using these simple tips and tricks can help make a long distance relationships feel not so long distance. They can strengthen the bond a couple shares, and encourage them to think creatively to keep their relationship alive and thriving. Though long distance relationships are hard, they are not impossible. Commitment, courage, and a little creativity can make any relationship great, even long distance ones.