Leo and Sagittarius is a perfect couple. The kind of couple that people want to be around at parties and that other couples will envy for their fun and happy relationship. They will enjoy life to the fullest. And they come together in a way that brings out the adventure and admiration in each of them.

Leo and Sagittarius, Personality Traits

Leo and Sagittarius are compatible because they are both fire signs. Fundamentally, these individuals will have a similar outlook on life. Giving them a good understanding of each other, as well as a strong connection from the start. They are both adventurous and lively. They both love fun and socializing and are warm, charismatic people, according to WarmHearts.co.uk. It is a blessed combination.

The Differences Between Leo and Sagittarius

There are two main differences between these two signs. The first is that Leo is a fixed fire sign whilst Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign. This trait expresses itself in a variety of ways. For example, Leo is likely to be more determined than Sagittarius. Leo will always want to finish what they start whereas Sagittarius can flit from one interest to another, shooting their attention intensely, like an arrow, in one direction before suddenly losing interest and shooting another arrow of interest at something completely different. Leo’s staying power can benefit Sagittarius in this relationship by helping them learn to see through what they begin.

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The second difference is that Leo is ruled by the Sun whilst Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. This also works to the benefit of the relationship as a whole. Leo, being the sun, likes to be the centre of attention and control the conversation. Meanwhile, Sagittarius, as a mutable sign, does not need to have attention, control or possessiveness. They are happy to sit back and give Leo the spotlight as well as give Leo their own way a lot of the time in throughout the relationship.

They work well on another level as well because Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is a planet full of excess, expansion and enjoyment whilst Leo is well known for loving the finer things in life and living life to the full. Almost all the nuances of each sign work perfectly with the other, creating a relationship that is fun whilst lacking the conflict, tension or compromise of less natural combinations such as Leo and Virgo.

Leo and Sagittarius, Relationship Success

Even with the perfect start and the best compatibility it is worth remembering that there will be times when disagreements arise. Spending time in close proximity over a lifetime doesn’t pass without some tension and these are two fiery, powerful signs in their own right. They stand the best chance to have fun, romance and mutual respect with one another 99% of the time.

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It is important not to let that other 1% take focus or get out of control. Sagittarius is a notoriously blunt speaker. They speak directly and they tell it how it is. Leo, meanwhile, is proud and has to be admired. This means Sagittarius can upset Leo very easily. In one way, this is actually a good thing. With Leo and Libra in a relationship, there is a risk of Leo becoming too big headed and arrogant because Libra is so sensitive. Sagittarius, at least, will keep Leo’s ego in check, but it is still important that they remember Leo’s sensitivity and avoid going over the top.

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The final thing is that neither partner should hold grudges over small issues. Leo and Sagittarius are both zodiac signs who are generally respected by others and get on well with others. They must show each other the same respect that they want for themselves. The potential of this relationship is great and this pair can have the kind of relationship that many others can only dream about.