Not every Leo in the world is the same. This is obvious but also important. Some people think this falsifies astrology but the intricacies of each individual’s personality, desires and ambitions in astrology are affected almost as much by the planets in their natal chart as by their sun sign. This is important because this relationship has a very different mood to it for Leo than many others that they could pursue. Also, Leo and Sagittarius, for example, is a dynamic, natural partnership which is full of fun and excitement. Moreover, Leo and Capricorn is different, but still ultimately a good match in the making, as long as the Leo is up for working on his/her partner and helping him/her come out of their shell.

Leo and Capricorn Personality Traits

Leo and Capricorn are both dominating characters. They are both ambitious and determined people who find status important. Leo has to be admired and at the centre of attention if he is to feel truly content. Capricorn has to be successful if he is to feel fulfilled in life.

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At the same time they are still very different people. Leo is a fire sign. They are full of adventure and fun with a lust for life and a flashiness about them. Capricorn meanwhile is an earth sign, represented by the goat. They are cool and shrewd with a practical outlook and more reserved nature. They will see immediately past Leo’s front and spot what lies within. For both partners there is intrigue and chemistry, fueled by their differences and a mutual respect.

Leo and Capricorn Relationship Compatibility

There is an unlikely functionality in Leo and Capricorn’s relationship. They are likely to fuel each other’s ambitious and competitive sides. Leo provides a lively enthusiasm and leadership, as well as a warmth and charm. They can offer support to their partners, as well as showing them a more exciting life. Capricorn meanwhile can provide practical advice for Leo, backed up with structure and grounded practicality.

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As well as benefiting the relationship by offering fresh perspectives and strengths, the differences that lie between these two signs can cause trouble within it that can make life intolerable. Leo is a zodiac sign who needs to be adored and admired. They do not take criticism well at all. Capricorn must be careful not to turn their sharp realism too harshly on their partner. If they do then these two powerful personalities will clash and neither will give in. It will be continual fighting or the end of the relationship.

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Leo is a sign that lives life to the fullest. They will spend their money on fun and adventures. They love parties and adventures. Capricorn will feel very uneasy about this. They will always prefer saving for the future and building a structured life. Both partners have to compromise here. Capricorn can really benefit from Leo’s influence and learn to loosen up and enjoy life more, letting go of their structure. Together Leo and Capricorn can be happy and grow together. As long as they focus their powerful ambitions on positive projects they will achieve a huge amount of success and share it together. If they put their energies into joint projects then they will be unstoppable.