If you’re a younger man dating an older woman, or a young buck who wants to date a cougar, there are some important factors to consider. You need to consider such variables as self-reliance, maturity and consideration for her children in order to maintain a lasting, satisfying relationship.

Date a Cougar: Be Self-Reliant

If you want to date a cougar, make sure you’re gainfully employed. And that means that you should have a job that pays you well enough to make a comfortable living. Older women might not have any personal biases against people who earn minimum wage, but they will not be interested in someone who cannot earn enough to support himself.

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A career is important not for status but because the woman will not be interested in a younger man who wants to cling to her for economical reasons. This is particularly true if she has already been through a divorce or a bad relationship experience. She needs to be confident that you are interested in her for her and not her wallet.

Dress Well for Women

Women notice the little things. Do your socks match? Is your pant leg tucked into your sock? An older woman is apt to notice these things. She will also take note of personal hygiene and general cleanliness. If your relationship progresses beyond the formal stages, you will want to make sure that your car or home is very tidy, otherwise your shortcomings in those areas will be a strike against you.

Date a Cougar: Be Mature in a Relationship

General maturity will be your strongest asset in this relationship. An older woman will not want to waste time with someone who hasn’t learned how to be an adult, regardless of the age difference. Show her how adult-like you are by handling every situation in a mature manner. Further, you always need to treat a woman with respect.

How to Respect Boundaries

An older woman has been around the block. That means that she might have children from a previous relationship or marriage. If this is the case, that means she has boundaries that must be respected. You will need to understand that her children come first.

However much you would like to be number one in her life. Also, make sure that you understand that the children already have a father, rather than trying to assume that role before they’re ready.

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Now that you know the basics, it’s time to go out and date a cougar! Numerous dating websites are devoted to this very purpose. When you settle on one, keep these tips in mind, so you can enjoy the best relationship possible!