Heartbreak is far worse than any physical pain. Bess Myerson wrote, “to fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall  out of love is simply awful.” Suffering heartbreak and rejection from the one you love robs your body of its soul, robs your life of its happiness and robs your mind of its stability. Wondering how to deal with heartbreak?

Dealing with a broken heart isn’t easy and the pain of a broken heart is far worse than the pain of a heart attack. It can feel like the end of the world for you. However, why would you give up your beautiful life for someone that has rejected you? He/she wasn’t the last person left on this Earth. Despite how much it hurts, you will need to move on. You’ll need to win over your suffering. To help you do that, here are 10 tips which will help you deal with a heartbreak.

how to deal with heartbreak

10. Believe that the future holds something better for you

Nobody knows what’s gonna happen the next second. It’s true that at this time, your life feels shitty, but you still faith during this difficult time. You need to move ahead with all your strength because your future is still untold. One day you will realize that life without that person who rejected you is quite better.

9. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about… Be proud

You shouldn’t feel embarrassed or resentful that you have lost time. You were just unlucky this time, but it doesn’t mean you’re a failure or that the one that really loves you isn’t out there. You should be proud that you had the guts to put your heart out there because many people don’t have that courage.

how to deal with heartbreak

8. Stop believing that your relationship may eventually work out

Sure no one knows what’s going to happen in the future and the person who left you may eventually realize his/her mistake.Maybe deep down you’re wishing they will come to their senses and return to you. However, more chances then not, it’s an illusion. This illusion can’t be used as an excuse to linger on to your past. Instead, you should focus on your present -your goals, your family, but more importantly yourself.


7. Stop blaming yourself

Sometimes we lose what we want. However, there’s no point in blaming yourself and thinking that you would have succeeded if you had done something differently because it’s over now and there’s nothing that you can do about it. Therefore, just let it go and move ahead.

how to deal with heartbreak

6. Stop being jealous of others

It’s pointless to be jealous of the happiness of other couples and consider your life as unfair. Because you never know what’s going to happen in the next second. Just the next second that “happy” couple may start quarreling and their once “happy” relationship would come to an end or just maybe in that next second you can meet someone who would make your heartbreak a distant memory.

5.  Distract yourself

If it’s difficult for you to forget about your past, you should try distracting yourself in the meantime. Surround yourself with your family and friends- the people who really love you. Try doing things that will make you happy and bring a smile to your face.

4. Stay cool

When you feel like calling your ex, texting them or meeting them, please don’t. In doing this you will only prove you are more of a loser in front of them. Just stop giving importance to your past -look ahead.

3. Accept the fact that it’s not possible for you to control the outcomes

You’re a human, not a magician. Forcing things to happen isn’t possible for you. Therefore, using dumb tricks like changing the way you dress to try and make them feel jealous or trying to seduce them is not going to work. Trying all this only puts your despair in front of them and makes you look desperate.

2. Try helping others

When you’re in pain, finding a use for one’s boxed up feelings works as the best antidote. Helping someone who’s suffering more than you, turns your attention towards them and lets you forget about your own problems. Volunteer your free time giving back to those less fortunate than you.

1. Stop considering it as your own loss

When the one you love rejects you and causes you heartbreak, don’t consider it your loss. Try and remember all the times that you went out of your way for them and how you gave that relationship all that you had.”Was there something wrong with you?” Hell No! It’s their loss. Still not sure how to deal with heartbreak? Try remembering that they lost a great person who would have loved them more than anyone else.

how to deal with heartbreak