5 Of The Weirdest OLYMPIC Sports That You Never Knew Existed

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We’ve all grown accustomed to the Olympic sports of swimming, gymnastics, track and field, basketball, and even ping pong, but there are quite a few events that you’ve probably never heard of that are sure to raise an eyebrow. Some were very short-lived or discontinued long ago, while others have been or will be featured in Rio later this month. You might even experience a couple of flashbacks to your childhood while reading through this list. Here we’ll take a pause from the current Olympic competition to highlight 5 of the weirdest Olympic sports from past to present.Pidgeon

Pigeon Shooting

Caution – If you’re an animal rights activist, read no further. Yes, long ago Pigeon Shooting was an actual Olympic sport. It made its first only appearance at the 1900 Olympic games in Paris. Belgian competitor Leon de Lunden won the gold medal that day by shooting 21 pigeons out of the sky. Today, shooting is still an Olympic sport. However, the pigeons have now been replaced by clay targets in a game more formally known as skeet shooting.

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