10 Chilling Childhood Photos Of The Most Evil Men in The World

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Ever wonder what Hitler was like as a child? He is the world’s most notorious dictator who changed the face of Europe in the 1940’s. What was somebody like this when they ran around in their knickers going to Sunday school? Well, we managed to dig up a few photos of famous dictators and serial killers from their days of childhood and we want to know if you can guess these bad dudes based on their school pictures.

1. What Nazi leader did this kid grow up to be?Heinrich-Himmler

Hint: under Hitler’s orders, this child grew up to establish and control Nazi concentration camps. Additionally, this man was Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel (good luck pronouncing that one, kiddies.)

Heinrich Himmler


If you guessed Heinrich Himmler you are correct. Many may have not heard of this leading member of the Nazi party who took full control of the police and concentration camps in 1934.

He expanded the camps to hold “racially undesirable people” who were separated from German society. These people were not only Jews, but also homosexuals, criminals, and Romani.

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