5 Dark, Twisted, And Hilarious Horror Movies On Netflix

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With House of Cards and Daredevil both premiering on Netflix this month you might have enough to stream already. But just in case you don’t, and, just in case you’d rather see some good old fashioned blood and guts, we combed through the streaming selections on Netflix to see what’s worth seeing.

Horror-wise, Netflix does alright. It usually has a solid selection from old school classics (The Exorcist) to modern favorites (The Babadook). But there’s a special subgenre of horror that deserves more attention. Horror comedies are often overlooked for being too scary or too goofy. But when you catch one that gets it right, well, the results can be fantastic.

You don’t have to be a horror fan to appreciate the following films, but it does help. A lot of the comedy in them comes from a self-aware sense of humor about the genre itself. But they have goofy laughs too which all types of movie fans should be able to appreciate.

(These movies are taken from the American Netflix menu. Apologies if any aren’t available in your area.)

Tucker and Dale vs. Evilalan-tudyk-tyler-labine-tucker-and-dale-vs-evil-magnolia-pictures

A glory of misunderstandings and misconceptions, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a mess of well-known horror tropes turned on their heads in the name of comedy. Set in the woods, the title characters are rednecks, the types you’d see in Deliverance, but Tucker and Dale are really just normal guys vacationing at their dream cabin. They just happen to be in a horror movie. So when a gang of college students run into them on their own getaway, they assume the boys are degenerate killers. It’s a smart, wickedly funny film that defies expectations throughout. [2010, 89 minutes]

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