10 of the Most Terrifying Bridges in the World

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Bridges are found all over the world and provide safe passage for pedestrians and vehicles over water, valleys and roads. While many of us would not think twice about crossing most bridges, there are a few very special exceptions. These are the types of walkways and overpasses that even the bravest souls would struggle to cross. Whether high up in the mountains or balanced precariously across a ravine, the following are 10 of the most terrifying bridges on the planet. Keep reading…. if you dare!

Aiguille Du Midi Bridge. French Alps

The Aiguille Du Midi may be one of the shortest bridges on this list but what it lacks in length it certainly makes up for in height and spectacle. The walkway can be found at the top of the Mount Blanc Massif mountain range in France. In order to reach the bridge, you must first brave a cable car ride from the ski resort of Chamonix, that transports visitors up a terrifying 9,200 ft. It’s not for the faint of heart but if you can manage to conquer the vertigo, you can enjoy breath taking views of a snow-capped Mount Blanc and surrounding mountains.Aiguille-Bridge-7_1

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