Top 10 Ways Ronda Rousey is Better Than Mike Tyson

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Rousey-TysonUltimate Fighting Championship sensation Ronda Rousey is more than just an undefeated mixed martial arts champion who dominates each time that she enters the cage for a battle that usually lasts around a minute if the opponent is lucky or having a particularly good day. Rousey has become part of mainstream culture, and it would not be a stretch to suggest that she is, as of August 2015, the most fun act to watch in all of professional sports. Some have compared Rousey to former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson in that both tremendous athletes overwhelmed opponents during the early stages of their careers.

Such a comment may be a bit of an overstatement; as it pertains to Mr. Tyson, that is.

While she is the single most dominant athlete, male or female, in any professional sport, Rousey is not yet the star that Tyson was during the heights of his popularity. Rousey has not, as an example, had a video game named after her. The UFC champion has mirrored the first stage of Tyson’s public career in other facets, and she has also even eclipsed certain achievements accomplished by the boxer who eventually took the world by storm. The best from Rousey could still be to come in the future if a fight being dreamed of by fans becomes reality at some point. via

10. Rousey is a dominant woman

Rousey is not dominating opponents while wearing skirts on a tennis court. She is not winning gymnastics competitions without breaking a sweat. Rousey is a badass female who is tapping opponents out and making others submit via an armbar that causes crowds around the world to mark out the second she goes for the hold, and that she is the baddest woman on the planet makes her that much cooler. Neither the UFC nor MMA have ever had a star who captivates the attention and the admiration of casual fans who normally do not follow the sport like Rousey, and she is undeniably the biggest single draw in the game today.10

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