A family is basically defined as a group of people joined together by the threads of kinship and acts as the building block of society. However, family life goes far beyond these bonds. It serves as a  powerful support and approval network for every human being. It plays an important role in shaping well-being and happiness. The support and acceptance from your family have the power to carry you through all kind of difficulties. A strong family acts as a source of love, protection, security and emotional support.

Throughout one’s “family life” a being goes through several stages. First, comes birth, then childhood, followed by adolescence, and teenage years and finally comes the adult stage. The adult stage is quite different from all of the other stages of life because it marks the beginning of a new family. It is in the adult stage that one witness the most important and interesting event of one’s life – “marriage”.

Today there are many ideas about marriage. But regardless of the approach, a marriage is based on the blending of two persons with different personalities, different experiences, different visions, and different biases. More than a natural union, a marriage is a divine institution officially created by God himself. It obtains its power from the immutable and unchangeable divine laws of the universe. Marriage provides the treasure of love, security, and lifelong emotional bonds.

Family Marriage

The intimate intertwining of two people in each other’s lives is quite challenging. And the pressures of finances, children, aging parents, and careers add to this intertwine making marriage a very challenging relationship. Today marriages are failing at an alarming rate and this questions what it takes to be successful in a union. However, the truth is “Marriages don’t fail, people do.”

Here are some keys to a happy married life…

1. Take time in knowing a potential spouse

Compatibility is important for a  successful marriage. Before getting married you should spend time in getting to know and understand your spouse. It’s important to recognize your strengths and weaknesses along with theirs.

Marriage is a union of two people coming from two different cultures, who have grown up with different beliefs regarding the responsibilities and roles of a husband/wife. These differences have the ability to cause conflict and strain in the later stage. Hence they serve as the key factors for determining the success of a marriage. In order to avoid conflicts, it’s important to recognize and resolve these differences before getting married. The time spent in preparation for marriage lays the foundation for a long and successful union.

Family Marriage

2. A successful marriage takes some work

You shouldn’t expect your partner to be a perfect person with the ability to fulfill all your wants and desires. How can you expect a human being to be perfect??

A relationship starts out with a lot of excitement. However, when a couple realizes that married life is different from the dating and that it requires a great deal of effort, they give up. A successful marriage takes effort and the constant commitment of two people.

Family Marriage

3. Develop good communication skills

The way a husband and wife deal with conflict acts as a sign of their relationship’s strength. Each and every being on this Earth is unique. Hence, a difference of opinion is inevitable. However, it’s important for the husband and wife to have the ability to respectfully communicate their differences. When a husband and wife communicate with great care for each other, they also create a positive environment for their kids.