Date Ideas for Parents: How to Be a Parent and Still Enjoy Time with Your Partner

Thinking of date ideas for parents can be hard. Having kids can make it very difficult to get free time to spend with your spouse or significant other. Being a parent is draining, and it is very important for moms and dads to take time for themselves to recharge and remember the reason they started a family in the first place. Each stage of parenting requires different types of creativity for dates, but it is a do-able task. 

Date Ideas for Parents Who Don’t Want to Pay for a Babysitter

Being a new parent is a very difficult transition. If this is your first baby, it can be hard to not have the freedom to go out any time you feel like it. You can no longer just head out to the movies with your spouse, it takes a lot of planning (and sometimes a lot of money) to make this happen. Here are some date ideas that don’t require hiring a babysitter.

Drive-In With Baby

It is very difficult to take a baby or kids to the movie theatre because parents are afraid the child will cry, talk, or want to run around, ruining the movie for everyone. Try taking your child to the drive-in with you. Most of the time kids will sleep, and you will get a chance to go out and have some time with your spouse. If the child cries, no one is being disturbed, and you can feed or rock the child and continue to enjoy the movie without worrying about dirty looks from people in the aisle in front of you.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Going for a walk or bike ride is always a great idea for parents. Kids are almost always happy to get outdoors and will be busy looking around at the new scenery. This will give you time to communicate and bond with your spouse. There are attachments for bicycles that allow the kids to comfortably ride behind the bike, and strollers are more comfortable and efficient than ever. Not only will this be enjoyable, but it can help you stay healthy. This can come in handy for new moms looking to lose a few pounds.

One long-lost activity that people have forgotten about is playing games. Many couples forget how much fun it was to play board games as a child and how it helped them to bond with their game playing partner. Well, it is still just as fun and easy to enjoy. An easy way to feel as if you are getting away is to sit outside at a table and play a card game. After the baby is asleep, set up the baby monitor and bring it outside with you. This gives a couple the chance to feel as if they are getting away and spending time with one another, while still staying home with their child/children.

If playing a game doesn’t sound like a bonding experience for you, the option of just going outside and spending time together is still a great way to connect. Lay out a blanket in the grass or in the bed of a truck, and enjoy looking at the stars with your loved one. The point is to connect and enjoy time together in a new way that gets you out of the typical routine of putting the kids to bed and watching television.

Take the Child with You

Although taking your child along with you on a date sounds like it could be a disaster, there are ways to make this work. If your child is an infant, it never hurts for him to go along with you to miniature golf or bowling (assuming it is smoke free). It may not be a care free affair, but it still gives you the chance to get out of the house with your partner and get away from the usual.

Make the Time

Dating may not be as simple as it used to be once you have kids, but that doesn’t mean the fun and time with each other has to end. Try these date ideas and begin to make ones of your own that fit with your own family and schedule. The benefits will be endless.