15 Awkward Fails That Are So Bad You’ll Feel Embarrassed For Them

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No matter how far you go to protect yourself, no human being is safe from being embarrassed every once in awhile. Maybe you accidentally fell in a crowded train station. Maybe you spilled wine down your shirt on a date. Maybe you farted during an important work meeting.

We get it, and we totally empathize. Like it or not, we’ve all been there, and there’s simply no reason to judge or laugh at someone during their most embarrassing moments.

Unless we’re talking about these people. We’re thinking it’s okay to (just for a second) laugh at them, because their fails are just so EPIC. We hope that everyone ended up okay, and that no one is too traumatized from their series of unfortunate events, but for now, we’re going to go ahead and laugh. Something tells us that if they looked back at these photos, they’d find their way to laughing, too.

#1. This is why you shouldn’t drink and chip.

You never know where those boozy midnight snacks might lead — or who will be holding a camera when you finally pass out.lifebuzz-3cf8ae3a3630887925660a4d95193b48-limit_2000

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