7 Child actors who grew up and ruined their shows

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Kids are just so cute, so precious, and so charming, until they inevitably grow up and totally ruin your favorite TV show. Yeah, we’ve all seen it happen. A show casts some adorable little toddler in a key role, and everything is great until they get older and we realize, too late, that they can’t actually act at all. Here’s a sad look back at some of those kids who destroyed their own TV shows simply by growing up.1

Chandler Riggs: The Walking Dead
Carl on The Walking Dead is known primarily for two things: that stupid hat, and being an endless source of hilarious internet memes. Which makes sense, because wearing hats and starring in GIFs is also the limit of Chandler Riggs’s acting ability. Yeah, he was fine back in the first couple of seasons. But now that Carl’s a young adult, and therefore has more emotional complexity, Riggs just can’t keep pace with what the show is asking him to do. That’s why poor Carl really needs to meet the business end of a certain baseball bat. Just put us all out of his misery already, please?

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