8 Celebs Who Have Been Sued For Hilarious Reasons

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If you ever become a celebrity, you’re going to get sued—maybe only once, if you’re lucky. For one reason or another, people look at you and see a bullseye on your back, and money that should be in their bank account instead of yours.

Taylor Swift
In 2015, Taylor Swift began selling t-shirts with the words ‘Lucky 13’ on them. She began doing so because of a strong association she has with the number, saying, “Basically whenever a 13 comes up in my life, it’s a good thing.” So her finding some way to market this association isn’t that strange. The problem is that there’s already a company selling t-shirts called Lucky 13, owned by one Robert Kloetzly. Understandably, Kloetzly filed a trademark infringement suit against the singer, but this suit takes a cringeworthy twist. Kloetzly accused Swift of using her sex appeal to target customers and draw them away from his products. Even worse, according the Daily Mail, Kloetzly filed discovery requests demanding he be given pictures of Swift’s “partially visible” chest and backside. Gross.taylor-swift

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