10 Pictures That Make You Learn More About Scarlett Johansson

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She’s undoubtably one of the most talented women in Hollywood, but we’d be fooling ourselves if we said her acting chops are the only things she’s got going for her. We could name two of her best physical assets straight away, but instead, we’ll let you see for yourself why the world is thankful for Scarlett Johansson .

Because This1


We’ve enjoyed seeing Scarlett on our screens for many years now. And despite the fact that she’s only thirty, she’s a veteran. She landed her first television appearance as an eight-years-old when she appeared in a skit alongside Conan O’Brian.

Of course now she’s had many roles that have showed off her chops and her damn near perfect physique. Now for a gif of Scarlett’s chest bouncing in the water.

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