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10 Reasons Running Is The Best Kind Of Therapy

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o-RUNNING-TIPS-facebookI’ve always hated running. Even more than that, I’ve always hated “enduring” anything — whether it be a situation, an emotion or a relationship that needed to end. In a moment of insanity, I started combining these two hatreds, running and enduring, and I’m a new woman because of it. Last October I started running regularly and it’s been one of the most inspiring, motivating, loving teachers I’ve ever had. Here’s why I love it, and how it can be yours too. via

1. It allows you to physically step out of your comfort zone.

I get my best ideas when I am running, specifically when I’m kicking my own ass. The more I push myself out of my physical comfort zone, the more my brain and emotions want to move out of theirs, too. Our bodies and brains are intricately connected, always influencing one another. Use it to your advantage!

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