This Will Make You Want A Dog… And A Baby

Dogs and babies are adorably cute. But some parents doubt the idea of having a dog in the house once they have a baby. It’s different for Charlie’s family. They taught Charlie different tricks like playing the keyboard, changing traffic lights, how to swing ...Read More

When Texting While Driving Becomes Legal

Don’t text while driving. Unfortunately people don’t obey especially young people. Solution? Reverse psychology. The video below was created by different groups to raise awareness against texting while driving. In the video, drivers are required to master the art of texting behind a wheel ...Read More

Dare to Drive Over The Scariest Bridge in America?

Afraid of heights? Afraid of bridges? Afraid of driving over bridges? Put them together and you get Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland. The bridge is nearly 200 feet and spans 4.3 miles. Because of the height and design of the bridge, some motorists refuse ...Read More

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